Virtual Forum Engineering for People


Katie Cresswell-Maynard ( EWB-UK)

Emma Crichton (EWB-UK)

Irshaad Vawda (EWB-SA)

Luke Smith (EWB-UK)

Abigale Johnson (EWB-USA)


The award-winning Engineering for People Design Challenge prepares young engineers for real life design challenges whilst crucially considering their impact. The challenge which is integrated into undergraduate courses allows students to explore the ethical, environmental, social and cultural aspects of engineering design-  harnessing their skills whilst also benefiting people and the planet.

For the first time the 2019/20 design challenge is a collaboration between three Engineers Without Borders organisations; South Africa, UK and USA. In total 7,000+ students in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and the USA are partaking across the world creating innovative and responsible solutions.

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  • Claire

    How does one get involved?

  • Sean Alfred

    Amazing initiative. Definitely looking forward to being part of these kind of programs.

  • bronwynne

    Thank you to the speakers Katie Cresswell-Maynard,Emma Crichton, Irshaad Vawda, Luke Smith, Abigale Johnson for an informative and inspiring presentation.

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