Tetra Tech’s 50th Anniversary Global Clean Water Fund

Tetra Tech’s 50th Anniversary Global Clean Water Fund, established in partnership with Engineers Without Borders – International (EWB), supports projects that provide clean, safe water for communities around the world. In July 2016, Tetra Tech publicly announced six recipients of the $50,000 grant program that honors its legacy of leadership in the water sector.

Projects include a prototype rainwater system for a children’s shelter near Rio de Janeiro (EWB Brazil); a cased water well system for the community of Mbondadick, Cameroon (ISF Cameroon); a drinking water filtration system for a rural primary school in India (EWB Bangalore Professional Chapter); sustainable water point maintenance training for local government offices in Malawi (EWB Canada); a biochar water filtration system development in Mexico (EWB UK); and water supply solution development for schools and health clinics in Ossu village, Timor-Leste (EWB Australia).

“Tetra Tech created this Global Clean Water Fund to commemorate its 50th Anniversary, building on its legacy of leading with science,” said Dan Batrack, Tetra Tech Chairman and CEO. “We were very impressed with the quality of applications and the dedication of the project teams to identify innovative approaches to solving community water challenges.”

Tetra Tech is proud to support the life-changing work of EWB organizations around the world. Watch the video.

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