The new Executive Committee is known!

EWB-I is governed by an Executive Committee that comprises nine elected members and two appointed directors. From October 2016 to February 2017, EWB-I held elections to elect the nine members.

The election process that was based on the approved bylaws, takes 60 days to consider and examine the candidates. Only Member Associations in good standing with EWB-I were invited to participate in the election process.

The key dates in the election were as follows:

1 October 2016:         Nominations open

1 November 2016:     Nominations for the Executive Committee close

14 November 2016:   Member Associations advised of candidates and voting details

1 February 2017:        Voting opens

14 February 2017:      Voting closes

March 2017:               Results announced

August 2017:               New (and old) Executive Committee convenes at Global Forum in London

All candidates were nominated online by their Member Association’s governing body. For this election, successful candidates who received the most votes will serve three year terms on the Executive Committee. The remaining candidates will serve two year terms in order to allow for a staggered election of Executive Committee members in the future.


The 9 elected members are inside

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