Information & Board

Information & Board

EWB-I brings together engineers, students and anyone with a passion for helping disadvantaged communities improve their quality of life. EWB-I focuses on both education and the implementation of sustainable engineering projects at the grassroot level. Our members work hard to ensure that the communities they serve benefit as much as possible from every project whilst our Board ensures that each project gets the funding it needs to achieve its full potential.


Our Executive Board is responsible for the oversight and operations of EWB-I. In accordance with these bylaws. The Board meets 4 times a year and is tasked with, amongst other things, monitoring the progress of EWB-I’s projects and approving EWB-I’s budget and applications from new members. The Board is made up of 9 directors voted for by the active member groups and an additional 2 directors appointed by the Board. All directors are elected for 3-year terms.

The keys roles on the Board are:

  • the President has the power to act on behalf of EWB-I. If the President is unable to fulfil his duties, the President-elect shall step-in to perform the President’s duties.
  • the Secretary keeps a record of EWB-I meetings
  • the Treasurer oversees the financial affairs of EWB-I, assists in the planning of EWB-I fundraising projects and presents the annual financial report to the Board.


If you would like to get more involved why not:

  • Read our quarterly newsletter where you will find the latest information about Executive Board activities, projects of particular interest, donations and much more.

  • Apply to be a donor. Last years, we received generous grants from the Alcoa Foundation and Tetra Teach which we allocated to various projects including:
    • initiatives for 13 EWB-I affiliates to create a “Global Engineer Program” which aims to inspire and educate young people about global issues and encourage them to make a positive contribution to society. By providing engaging educational resources, the program aims to excite and engage the next generation of young minds to find solutions to the important engineering challenges facing our planet; and
    • support for 6 projects from the national chapters of Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, India and UK, to provide clean, safe water for communities around the world.
  • Participate in field projects as a member of an existing EWB-I affiliates. If your country does not have an EWB-I chapter yet, you can create one with other engineers by completing and returning this application form to us.