The EWB-I quarterly Newsletter is back!

The EWB-I quarterly Newsletter is back! In order to continue with the regular communication with our global network, donors and supporters are sharing the latest information on EWB-I Executive Board activities and decisions, news from the Member Associations, projects of particular interest and recent donations to EWB-I. The experienced team from EWB Argentina is in charge of the preparation of the Newsletter.

The main achievement in the previous period was the successful management of the 200,000 USD ALCOA Foundation grant. The final event – the Global Engineer International Forum – took place in Denver, USA on 17th March 2016 bringing most of the grantees to present their projects.

Starting from May 2016, the EWB-I Secretary has been contracted to provide technical assistance to the EWB-I Board.

The raised awareness among the MAs for payment of the membership fee resulted in more than 30% increase in the collection rate. This shows their commitment to participate more actively in the EWB-I work through nomination of their candidates to the new EWB-I Board to be elected in autumn 2016.

I hope the 5th newsletter of June 2016 will be the window of our MAs for distributing their news and stories of success. It will trigger much closer cooperation between MAs worldwide for the common benefit of the people and communities supported with our activities.


Oliver Nachevski

EWB-I President

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