EWB Project financed by EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

Engineers Without Borders Denmark together with EWB Sierra Leone, EWB Sweden, EWB Norway and other partner organizations have secured funding for a new project, financed by EU Aid Volunteers (a part of the Europa Commission). The purpose of the project is to build internal capacity and a joint platform/tools in order for the partners to be certified and hence able to send and receive volunteers under the EU volunteer programme.

The objective of the project is to build capacity within the Nordic partners and their third country partners to form part of the European Union Aid Volunteers Initiative (EUAVI), facilitating the deployment of volunteers as certified sending and hosting organizations. Furthermore, the project aims to identify needs and volunteer assignments based on the needs assessment conducted with each third country partner. The specific project activities include: seminars and training workshops on-site and online, undertaken with the partners’ core staff. Development of organizational tools, guidelines and monitoring systems will follow a participatory process within each organization. A communication strategy and development of a communication platform will allow for exchange of good practice, peer learning and extensive external exposure to the Nordic technical resource base. Webinars, online knowledge sharing and pooling of activities for multiple partners will be applied widely.

For further information please contact info@iug.dk

See more: http://bit.ly/2DmOW8P

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