Engineers Without Borders South Africa

Engineers Without Borders South Africa (EWB-SA) is setting out to reshape South Africa’s engineering sector as a place where people can live their passion, unfold their potential and work with compassion. Since registering as a South African non-profit company in 2013, the organisation has executed a number of initiatives to activate, generate, use and transfer engineering knowledge that benefits society. The passion and commitment that many members have invested into building the organisation has made EWB-SA the most representative and dynamic youth voice in South Africa’s engineering sector.

EWB-SA’s efforts are focused on programmes that advance capacity in the engineering sector, portfolios that mobilise the voices of young engineers and projects through which student chapters make a difference in communities.

As a vehicle to pursue their long term vision of transformation in the engineering sector specifically and upliftment of South African communities generally, EWB-SA aims to provide communities and community-based organisations with access to engineering skills and technologies to improve the quality of life of their members in a sustainable manner. In doing this, EWB-SA sees its role as one of building bridges that connect students with professionals, graduates with retiring engineers, rural understanding with urban experience and engineers with non-engineers.


Twitter: @EWBSA