EWB Mexico

EWB-Mexico was founded in September 2004 by a group of professors from the State University of Tamaulipas, Mexico. EWB-Mexico is dedicated to promote studies and research projects aimed at providing basic public services for low income communities in urban and rural areas of Mexico.  Also, EWB-Mexico is fully committed to collaborate with different federal and state agencies in different areas related to water resources management, and adaptation and mitigation of climate change in Mexico.  Also, EWB-Mexico has been working for about five years through our Queretaro State Chapter with traditional brick makers in central Mexico to apply a new technology (MK-II Kiln) for making bricks reducing up to 96% the emissions of short life greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.  EWB-Mexico is currently opening new student chapters in several universities throughout Mexico, and is going through an internal reorganization to launch a new strategy to increase the number of student and professional chapters, and its membership, throughout Mexico.


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Ingenieros Sin Fronteras México, A.C.

Facultad de Ingeniería “Arturo Narro Siller”

Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas

C.U. Tampico-Madero

Tampico, Tamaulipas, México

Email: Gerardo.Sanchez@isf-mexico.org