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Engineers without borders Kuwait was founded in 2012 and since then we have completed projects in Kuwait and abroad. Below are some of our recent projects:

  • “ بيت “ Project – 2016

Pronounced “Bayt” an Arabic word that means house or home is a project which represents the main goal of EWB – KW, providing the basic needs for the disadvantaged communities and secures a decent life for them. Locally there are poor families who cannot afford the basic renovations of their houses to live a comfortable life. This project is to help those families who find renovating their houses financially difficult. We are encouraging our volunteers to be directly involved in the planning and execution process of the actual renovations. The scope of the work includes renovations, expansions and damaged replacements such as tiles, bathrooms, and etc. The project team selects a house from several potential houses, and in the assessment visit, they determine the essential work needed for the house. First we set a budget for the project and then we start the implementation and follow-up every stage of the project. Mainly each house takes about 3 to 5 months to complete. This year we completed seven houses and we will be continuing with this project for the coming year as well. Here is an example of a renovated house:

The Case:

  1. A family of three, handicapped mother and two daughters.
  2. Area name- Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh (AL – Hasawi)
  3. The main objective of the project is to provide a comfortable space where the mother can move freely, and facilitate the process of exit and entry of the house.


Projects abroad in Mumbai – India with collaboration with EWB –Mumbai:

  • The bio gas system and sanitation project – 2015

The project was completed in a village called Dhasai in Mumbai city – India; the school is a boarding school that houses around 500 girls and boys aged 4 to 16 years old. These types of schools are widely spread around the borders of Mumbai city where the students spend most of the year in the school. Most of the schools have two buildings in front of each other (one for girls and one for boys), library, teacher’s dormitory, kitchen, and etc. We managed to build 4 toilet blocks and sanitation system for the students, and then we connected these blocks to a biogas system. We believe that this is a basic human need which was lacking in the school. The Biogas system converts human waste into Methane (CH4) which is used for cooking using a gas stove. In the project we achieved three goals. Most importantly they provide the school with toilet blocks so the students do not have to go to the jungle any more for the nature call. Secondly, the sanitation system diverts the human waste solving the hygiene issue while also achieving a sustainable goal by using the bio gas system for producing methane gas. The school uses the gas for cooking purposes, reducing gas cylinder expenses and the long trip to purchase them.

  • The solar system project – 2016

The solar energy project was completed in a boarding school in a village called Mal in Mumbai – India; the school is located in a remote area on the borders of Mumbai city (Jungle area). All 50 students have mental disabilities making it challenging to keep them safe especially during the nighttime. The basic need of the school is the electricity to light the entire school facilities, the outer wall and the temple of the school. We started this project last year in October of 2015 and during a short period, the team managed to complete the project. In this project, we achieved two main goals, the first one is that the school is fully lit by solar energy and secondly the financial burden on the school was reduced by using solar energy for electricity.

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