EWB Cameroon

EWB Cameroon was founded in October 14th, 2003 by volunteer engineers seeking to employ their knowledge and experience for the development of their country, which holds enormous potential beyond the challenges faced. The organization relies mainly on its projects’ beneficiaries, who play an essential role in identifying needs and implementing solutions.

EWB Cameroon has three components: a general assembly with all active members, an executive board led by a national coordinator, and a network of local groups in the engineering schools.

EWB Cameroon assists in four key programme areas: Knowledge Management, Natural Resources Management, Local Development, and Information and Communication. As part of its Knowledge Management Programme, EWB Cameroon co-edits with CTA, a series of practices in French and in English entitled PRO-AGRO. Starting in 2016, it set up a national award of excellence  known as « Graines d’ingénierie » (“Seeds of Engineering”) .


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P.O.Box 12888 Yaoundé Cameroun
Email: isf-cameroun@yahoo.fr