Advance and share good insurance practices

EWB International carried out an insurance survey of member associations worldwide, in the interest of sharing and advancing good insurance practices.

The survey focused on insurance in the following areas: professional liability (design and construction errors), individual volunteers (travel related injury, illness and project related issues), general liability (third-party injuries related to projects) and event insurance (third-party injury related to projects).

Of all the EWB associations who responded to the survey, only the EWB Australia and EWB USA holds insurance coverage in all of the categories listed.

According to the replies received, member associations from the other countries surveyed generally do not take out insurance policies for the areas specified, with two exceptions: concerning project-related coverage for individual volunteers, EWB Argentina and EWB Netherlands do subscribe to insurance.

Additional information from the Netherlands specifies that its volunteers are covered for travel during projects, including accident coverage but not construction activities–since their engineering participants are focused on providing support. The New Zealand group specified that its volunteers work as trainers rather than engineers, avoiding the need for additional insurance, since design responsibility lies with the partner organizations. Also, they do not need specific health insurance in New Zealand as they have a fully funded state healthcare system.

To improve insurance practices and ensure their resilience, EWB organisations would be wise to examine the many options available for insurance and to consider what would suit its needs and budget.

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